Equipment Check

What to bring for a 4-6 hour fishing trip.


  1. Boat: Note these boats are designed to fit in the back of my SUV.  Inside the boat, I place the removable deck, rudder, mast and sail.
  2. Tarp: Lakes are dirty.  My truck is, too, but not as dirty as a lake.  The tarp separates whatever nautical souvenir (usually goose poop) the boat wants to take home.
  3. Life jacket: Absolute necessity for these tiny vessels.  Even if you can swim, we’re dealing with a lot of moving parts.  It’s always possible to bump your head or fall off by accident.  Where there is no physical danger, live jackets keep your head above water, so you are free to focus on getting back on the boat or finding your lost gear. Caribiners on my life jacket hold keys, an emergency whistle, a camera and compass.
  4. Oars: A part of the boat that is packed separately.
  5. Fishing hat: Keeps the sun out of my bald head and annoys my wife.  She thinks it looks dorky.
  6. Sandwich bag with crumpled shopping bags in it: This holds my cell phone.  It’s water proof and the crumpled shopping bags keep it inflated.  If my phone falls in the water – and I’ve tested this – it stays dry and floats.  You can answer the phone, open apps and talk through the plastic.
  7. Camp stove: For cooking your catch.  I’ve only had shore lunch on shore.  Not sure if it is a good idea on a moving boat.
  8. First aid kit: No explanation needed.
  9. Liquids bag: Here I put water bottles, bug spray and sunscreen.  Bring more water than you think you need.  It’s easy to dehydrate out there.
  10. Fishing rod: I’m not a bear and have neither intention nor ability to catch these suckers by hand.
  11. Fishing bag: For the usual fishing equipment.  Also some spice to flavor up any catch.

A typical result:


Look a the size of that monster.  Three inches, easily!  At least the sail makes a pleasant sun shade.


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